I should’ve included this in my last post but I really feel like this coat needs its own post. It is glorious. Foxes were probably intentionally killed long before I was even born for it, but regardless of fox love and sequential sartorial pain, I feel so indescribably comfortable in it. And I feel strangely protected and soothed, too. Like when I went out to the supermarket to feed and comfort some of my friends, I know that if I would’ve worn this, I would’ve known to stop flailing around indecisively and go right ahead to the section were the paper umbrellas are, and that the yellow of a packet of 1,05 euro nuts wouldn’t have seemed unbearably sad. And whenever I’m walking down the street and having to face countless commentary of men comparing me to animals when wearing this coat I like to imagine that the thick fabric of it is commentary proof and ricochets right back at them and will make the men feel secretly sad for pestering women on the street and one day they’ll look in the mirror and think of their animal-women analogies and think ‘What have I become?’ and they will see that they are the defenceless animals of society, even if Darwin said we are somehow more depraved.