Five glorious additions to larvababe are up! By the end of the week I should have prepared another 8 items for you and then everything will cool down for a little while! It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my little place and possibly forward it to your loved ones or whomever.



Considering that my situation falls into literally every gap of social wealfare & security programs (tricky bastards). I have no income or support, only costs to pay and food to eat, so financially I’m in a pretty tight bind and low-key freaking out about it. Though I always have people I can fall back on I do feel a huge burden about that which weighs heavily. And my upcoming expenses for the new school year will be something I don’t dare to ask anymore. Help me out! If you don’t want a thing in my shop but are feeling generous,or you like me, you could also always donate here. The tiniest amount means something very big in my low-cost life!

* A note about the shipping too: Our postal system charges by weight so if you consider buying several items contact me first so I can re-calculate the costs for you! It will be cheaper.