jacket: gift/thrifted sonia rykiel, dress: old old old h&m, socks: i think i found them in a friend’s app??, shoes:borrowed,

Important moment in my personal sartorial history; I was told all-black wasn’t necessary for work anyway yet I still showed up in all black. Because I like it. There is something soothing about clear dress codes for work too; I can never go over the top (according to others) without realising it. You always fit in, largely. Whenever I go for a job interview or parties with my family I have to keep asking everyone around me what to wear, and if I don’t I stumble and fail. I don’t know, I just cannot see what could possibly be weird or outrageous or whichever about my clothing. Damn, it’s just clothes. For me it means a lot, but what do others care? Why do others care? eh ╰( ´◔ ω ◔ `)╯eh

Also meet my one of my favourite jackets ever, gifted to me by the all-around flawless Sarah who likes playing my personal dresser!! and who I worship for her amazing skills in picking out things I adore but would somehow never come across or pick out myself. Ours is a perfect symbiosis. This a thrifted Sonia Rykiel bomber-like jacket with cow-pattern is in velvet and I promise better pictures one day. A promise that will no be hard to make because I am about 99,99 percent sure I’m gonna wear this non-stop this winter. It looks adorable with my colourful new backpack, which will pop up here soon!!