Hello. It is I. It is me featuring my messy bookcase. It’s been so long! Outfits are weird for me lately? Today I feel like I’m dressing up as someone I once was but am not anymore. But I’m not sure, maybe I still am this person? I will always be this person, but really what am I now, you know? Yep, still feeling like a ghost. Still feeling unreal. I try pulling myself back into my body by makeup, like I add some layers of colours on my see-through exterior to outline the shape I’m supposedly taking in in this world. But it’s like rouging a mist. Is there not a movie of a ghost, or is it an invisible person?, where they add a thick layer of cake-y theatrical foundation to make them visible again? That is me, except I’m neither protagonist or antagonist, just a cloud or a little breeze that passes you when you’re cold and alone. Does that sound melodramatic? It is not, it is comfortable and okay. But here. It is me, a person. Apparently. Wearing things in a messy room. (Apparently?)

Photo on 03-01-16 at 13.43