This week I’ve felt slightly off, slightly uncomfortable & felt like nothing in my wardrobe reflected how I felt or wanted to feel/look. I’m sory we’ve all felt that way, for no reason whatsoever. Maybe it’s true, maybe I just want to believe it’s true but I’m vaguely starting to feel bored by the constant …

no excuses

New semester today! My classes feel pretty daunting, but I’m really excited to start working again! I’ve had enough rest, too much TV, so I’m ready to start kicking some butt again! sailor fuku top via ebay, shoes: gift, socks: Fräulein Prusselise, both skirts: second hand, earrings: second hand


dress, (polka dotted shirt): second hand, neon whirt: w&lt by walter van beirendonck (scored on ebay), shoes; second hand, socks, happy socks Phew finally found the correct color settings on my new MacBook! I’m sorry for my latest posts in which I look a little dead and less rosy-cheecked, I can assure you no matter …