no excuses

New semester today! My classes feel pretty daunting, but I’m really excited to start working again! I’ve had enough rest, too much TV, so I’m ready to start kicking some butt again!


sailor fuku top via ebay, shoes: gift, socks: Fräulein Prusselise, both skirts: second hand, earrings: second hand
Photo on 10-02-14 at 11.40




dress, (polka dotted shirt): second hand, neon whirt: w&lt by walter van beirendonck (scored on ebay), shoes; second hand, socks, happy socks

Phew finally found the correct color settings on my new MacBook! I’m sorry for my latest posts in which I look a little dead and less rosy-cheecked, I can assure you no matter how much stress I go through I always have good skin. (It’s a little frightening to be quite honest.) Anyway, new dirndl added to my ever growing collection! Dirndl’s for me are the only traditional clothes I hunt for and as a side-bonus they are my personal affordable lolita dress variant! A pink one has obviously been on my list for a long time. Never mind my posing, I also wanted to show off these wicked 90s goth shoes which had also been on my finds list! I bought them after my first exam because I had had such a terrible mental breakdown before it yet I felt my exam had gone really well (but apparently it didn’t ooooops!; still worth it though). I feel a little iffy about this stiling, I like yesterday’s stiling a little more I think, but then again that styiling is also a little too obvious, no?

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Hello hello! Yesterday I found out my grades, I’d been secretly hoping my life these past months would suit well in an 80s montage with a superb ending of victory, but of course real life is anything like movies. I failed 3 courses, could not partake in 1 and only passed 2. I worked hard all throughout the year, and ended up being too exhausted to study for my last exam; picture me studying while crying for hours. I had a little bit of a really harsh mental breakdown. Picture last minute emergency docter visits. But I am one of those obnoxious people who have never before had to study in their life (a simple read was more than enough for me), now that courses have expanded and I need to cram every single detail and name it’s only natural that I’m still finding my own personal study method and schedule. I am convinced I can learn how to learn, and I am convinced I’m not even that far off on my proper method! My failed grades aren’t even that low! I can do this!!! Meanwhile here’s me looking fab. I literally haven’t taken off this shirt (except to sleep) since I got it on Sunday. It totes smells because it’s basically made out of plastic. Who cares? I certainly do not, prolly the people around me care but hey, that’s what you get for hanging out with me.