dress: second hand, shirt: W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck, knock-off dr martens: second hand, sweater is a brand but i forgot which it is it’s somewhere in my archives though

(i was literally exhaling here shhh….)

Hello! I am back! Exams took such a big toll on me; it was so exhausting, yet out of the five exams I partook in I am only certain that I passed two of those. Such a difficult time for only that small amount of certainty? But I am certain I will only get better as I keep working, so here’s to hoping I pass regardless and if not it will allow me to practise the skill of exam taking only more! So!


After a week of rest, and plently of kdrama, I am starting to hate the world a little less as my nap-time increases. I have been experimenting with outfits too, and I hope I will have the energy to post my exeriments soon enough. This one is by far the best. In essence I am hoping to add more comfort to my clothing, not geared towards physical comfort but more in a sense of a feeling of comfort in mix and matching different styles. My style is mostly harshly divided in two: superfemme or supercute and I want to try to bring those two together. I am not sure how yet. But for the dress I am wearing here I would’ve easily added a cute fitted cardigan, high heels and so on. Instead I added my latest W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck find (it has ruffles on top of rufffles!) which I would’ve worn with something a little more geometrically structured and bright instead of a flower 70s dress. Those kick ass knock off yellow Dr. Martens are also something I wouldn’t usually pair with this kind of dress. Mosty, I wore this all on top of each other because it’s all new (second hand kinda new) but I kinda like it. It’s just supercute and all of the femmeness has disappeared though but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As a side note: a sponsored post might come up here soon, because I need the money for school books HEY. Also re: Walter Van Beirendonck’s latest racist fiasco, I definitely want to write about that, because this isn’t his first offense (I am mostly adding this to this post as a reminder to myself hi hello).

the story of an evolving wardrobe colour aeshetic

Ever since I saw the Miu Miu fw collection of 2010 I was struck by an important revelation: black combined with bright colours, when done well, is really damn good. Almost Goddess-like, it’s is meant for heaven and hell descents and ascents. It’s is otherworldly good. But seemingly unattainable for me.


This is the collection that gave me a revelation, but I really want to research this important colour combo so please hit me up with some good colour + black fashion! I haven’t followed fashion intently in a long while.

It’s taken me a while to accept it and maybe I’ll never reach that level. But I have seen tiny spots of godly light by rocking my gifted Sonia Rykiel cow-printed velvet-y bomber jacket almost all winter wich naturally clashes with all the colours I usually wear. Clashes in a good way. You know me, I love clashing, I live for clashing. But I still haven’t found a way to implement black into several outfits.


An early first try, or a defining moment?

But really, that Minju Kim top has been putting me on my headed destiny. Those robot shoes too. My Marimekko dress, and a gifted striped sweater has shown me similar good uses of black. The fact that I worked for months with a strict all-black dresscode has been pushing me to the enlightened path. La Fille d’O showed me what a cute addition glimpses of one of my all-time favourite bras are. My super old black polka dotted bikini screamed to me when wearing see-through anything. Sadness pulled me to black lipstick and my only favourite black dress, which is a majestic traditonal Austrian children’s dress. I finally retrieved my perfect 70s leather jacket which was left behind in my parent’s house. And today, a collar I have been gifted by my patron saint and personal dresser combined with the amazing Swanclothing rosebud garters forced me into this.

I think it’s time.

Photo on 30-12-13 at 12.43 #2

Photo on 30-12-13 at 12.41 #3

earrings: ruta kitsis, garters: swanclothing, everything else is second hand.