After realising my increasing discontent, but mostly straight up frustration and pent up anger about being jobless and broke I confronted myself and decided to go back to school. It’s gonna be hard, expensive, frustrating, tiring but not as much as being stuck in jobs that I don’t like. Now that I can still change it I am going to! I am scared but excited. School has never seemed an ideal place for me and I have many hang ups and fears about it, but I just want a job I won’t hate so I’m gonna leave my issues behind and I’m gonna dive into academics.

I will study art history. I need to remember this whenever I will be confronted by the bullshit of Western canon and terrible professors and boring lectures: I want this degree because this degree, though perhaps often old-fashioned and very elitist, will allow me a job that suits me and it will allow me to change the old-fashioned and elitist ideals of the art world by learning exactly how old-fashioned and elitist academics still are.

So I’m still broke, and I’m gonna keep going that way for a long time. So let’s celebrate by making wishlists of things I long for and can’t afford to buy!! Here’s to school, with school girl vibes.


Latest obsession is randoseru’s, cute backpacks part of Japanese elementary school uniform!! Available in different colours, but the red attracts me most. There are several good ones on eBay, if you want to get me one of course.


Eternal obsession of seifuku’s. This one on eBay is flawless and has been online for YEARS, which I know because I keep going back to this listing and sighing.


il_570xN.429047353_kgu2SONY DSC

Any and all cheerleader uniforms. (HOW CUTE is that red-haired model??)


Typical US tube sport socks in all colours and sizes, thank you very much.

Also some 70s glossy pink or yellow gym shorts with white trimmings. I haven’t found the perfect one yet, except on other people’s butts. Very sad.