dress: Pepe Jeans, top: H&M, socks: ?? they might not even be mine, shoes: dead stock from a market (the sole lights up in the dark!!)


Wow I have terrible posture but anyways just wanted to show you the cute back of this shirt and my new haircut! What do you think? I’m not sure I like it. Sometimes I really do and other times I think it’s too feathery, you know what I mean? Yesterday my uncle told me it reminded him of Betty Boop, by which I think he may have meant Clara Bow and it’s very true. I must gel this hair as a flapper! Today it’s pixie wax because I’m digging the cut today. Anyways what else is new? How are you? What’s up? Pet your pets for me and give them a little kiss and pat your shoulder on your back today because you did great.

Also my exams weren’t very good, but like, I survived them and honestly I think that is pretty wonderful. I feel alright lately and that’s pretty cool! I hope you feel good and you can look in the mirror today and think what a cutie.