Hello hello! I have been enjoying pants lately!! This is one of my first ever super comfy outfits that was actually comfy and I actually felt comfy in. Wow.


pants: forgotten but it’s super old so it doesn’t matter, sweater: second hand, socks: sport’s store

This has been on my camera for over a week, but I’ve felt too pissy to update; everything has been bothering me lately!! Ughhhh. But at least it’s just irritation and not like an urge to fling myself off of a nearest rock. Irritation is definitely preferable.

Side life updates; I’m finally managing to study but I have absolutely zero motivation to do so. I studied all throughout the semester last time and it brought me nothing, but I do know that now I am developing a better, more efficient way to study and it will bring me more next exams. That knowledge still doesn’t motivate me though!! Truth be told, too, I don’t enjoy this semester’s classes at all! Though that’s not entirely true: those I do enjoy have an immense study package and thinking about that makes me nervous, those classes that seem easy I quite honestly hate the professor’s teaching style — OOOPPPSSS. Shout out to those three professors that are making me interested in neoclassicism, political histories and architecture though? That is a HUGE feat but can you please reduce the amount of literature?? Thank you, goodbye.

P.s. a double shout out for that professor who teared up while talking of a neoclassical work; I literally don’t know how that’s possible because neoclassicism literally offends me with its dullness but that was cute and I wanna see more of that. Very inspirational; a kiss on the cheek for you.