shoes: vintage Mary Quant found on eBay, dress and cardigan: second hand, socks: gift/antipast

Possibly due to several blogs/tumblrs, especially Sarah Deetz and cultpartykei, I’ve become obsessed with nightwear so I totes had to buy this one which screamed out to me just hanging there all dainty and perfect for two euro. I bought it despite the fact that I hated the top, which reminded me of what I guess to be Romani-inspired blouses that were all the rage in the early 2000s. A style that I kinda really really hate? It’s pretty and frilly but I just can’t stand it because it reminds me of painfully awkward teenage years. So I sewed it up, hiding the majority of the ruffles.

The skirt is unfortunately way too long for me, so I draped it. First I took the two sides and pulled them up to my waist, then the middle of the front and back, then two more drapings in between. I sewed it all so I can easily remove the stitches and rock this dress in its natural shape when I feel like wearing enormous heels.

Now can we talk about THOSE SOCKS? I’d been totally flailing about them for ages, when suddenly an internet friend send me a package containing many wonderful glorious things, including these Antipast socks. SO MANY EMOTIONS ♡_♡