dress: h&m, shoes: dr. martens, cardigan: second hand, socks: idk, garters: swanclothing

I’ve been pretty obsessed with wearing skirts and shorts as short as possible lately. Because (I don’t think I need a reason? But I am going to give you one of vanity anyway because vanity is as good as any reason) I like my butt. I like how round it is and perky and I like how when in profile it sticks out like the rest of me is a plank (which it isn’t).

I like how I like my butt because I hated it for a long time because I was sad and depressed as a teenager and everything made me feel like I deserved to take up as little space as possible

But then I faced my butt in the mirror every day
and then I liked it,
after a long time.

And now I feel sad and angry and exasperated and hopeless again
but I still like my butt.

And next time when a man makes kissy noises while grabbing my butt I swear I will not feel exasperated and scared and angry and try to not take up little space but I will slap this man, who has a face which deserves to take up as little space as possible.

And if you say ‘now, what good does that do’ I will slap you too because it does me and my butt good and that is that.

And if one more straight man comes at me and says that wearing shorts for him is exactly the same I am going to punch him because until women start regularly creeping him in cars, walking past a woman in the dark is as frightening, when men regularly get their ass cheeks pinched by strangers or until you have to face kissy noises or degrading looks from both men and women as soon as you step outside I just don’t want to talk to you or have you in my life because no one deserves douchebags like you in their life.