This silhouette is probably the most recurrent one in my entire wardrobe and I must’ve posted something similar several times. Yet, this is the epitome for me. It reminds me of old kid’s clothes with the boots and the puffy skirt and the socks and the leather bookcase. And I love it so. Once again I make myself look like a little girl.

In the recent past I’ve put an strange and shameful amount of thought into my preference of these kind of clothes and continually kept wondering things like ‘do I in any way perform my femininity, or rather girlishness to somehow get what I want?’ Of course not, because I only dress like this. But then I remember there’s always the fact that there is a collective aesthetic history that immediately links this to children, which can obviously make me look somewhat creepy as a 22-year-old. So I know this, I know what some people’s implications are but then I think about it and I realise that I do not care, have never cared and possibly will never care. I mean, why should these kind of clothes mean childhood and others adulthood? Why do people say clothes and fashion is trivial yet see them as very restricted and static, often with dubious meanings. Obviously there is the fact that clothes have a history of being signifier of class, religion etc. etc. (a fact most people these days stupidly ignore and coincidentally trivialize). But in the case of my preferred silhouette, etc., and all of those similar that stereotype people in a confined box just by a glance of their outfit, are they still applicable? Moreover, should anyone ever care? OF COURSE NOT. So I’ve decided to wallow in my own girlish taste and wear my teddy bear backpack and pigtails proudly, whenever I feel like it.