I’ve been wearing variations of this outfit since summer to various degrees of matchiness.

Cardigan: Fornarina, shoes: Neosens, everything else: second hand.

Several years ago my friends and I were failing miserably at life, but mostly college, so we’d comfort each other by huddling around drinking a myriad of disgusting wines while skipping all of our classes. It was simultaneously the worst and best time of my life. At the same time the pixel dress up game, Poupée Girl, reigned among several of us. I have several hazy memories of browsing the furima in heightened excitement in the middle of the night saying ‘THIS DRESS IS FABULOUS’, giggling and giving vitriol commentary on other user’s obnoxious language. One of my friends would dress her doll in levels of unseen matchiness all the time. Mostly one or two colours were used and every little detail would be the exact same shade in a really symmetric use of colour. My other friend and I would occasionally mock her sartorial pixel preference for being creepy and go all out on patterns, layers and random fluffy items ourselves.

But now we can only mock ourselves. The matchiness has infected us both since then. In my friend it has headed in his obsessive interest in interior design. His living room currently features an orange couch, a teal curtain behind it, an orange table on one side and a teal table on the other side with decorated teal vases and orange candles scattered all over that. It’s perfect.

And I have a hard time not trying to use at least one recurring colour in my clothing. This outfit features two colours, similar patterns and even the elastic bands in my plaits match. All I need is blue shoes but sadly I don’t own any.