cardigan: Fornarina, belt: H&M, dress: second hand, socks: Fräulein Prusselise, shoes: Dr. Martens

New shoes; gift from my mom, yay! I’ve come to love Dr. Martens shoes so much. They are very comfortable, incredibly durable and have a cute/dorky/hip style that I love, all of which is important for someone perpetually broke and clumsy. They last and last and last and though they get scuffed it seems to match the typical Dr. Martens style. They are always worth their money!

This past year I have been extremely conscious of my purchases; I finally know what I want, what I need and what I can afford. I’m not saying I’m an actual grown-up now and that I continually make great choices, but I’ve learned a lot.

This is a list that I’ve stuck to for the past three years (!!! – also don’t you love how my style has immatured over the years?). But I’ve added some coping mechanisms to battle all-over capitalism.

One: fight capitalism with love. Whenever I see an item that I love I just try to think of the next person who will come across it and love it and own it and be a babe in it. I already have such a perfect and diverse wardrobe, why would I need anything more? This next person deserves this. Walk out with a smile and empty hands, you’re fabulous.

Two: leave. No seriously, you are broke and your wardrobe is already fantastic. Stop wanting everything! You don’t need everything. Just leave. Don’t look back. No, no no nonono. NO, GO. Better yet, don’t set foot in any place that asks you to spend money.

Three: fight with more love, also some money, but it’s love so whatever! Instead of being the selfish babe that I am I try to think of my perfect friends who would enjoy a certain item a lot more than me. In the past I’ve made purchases that I really thought I wanted, but that in actuality just reminded me of my friends. So when I see anything like that now, I do buy it but give it to my friends. It’s so cute to see your friends walking around with something that you picked out for them!

All of this, not because I am a sartorial and thrifty saint but I need to remind myself of this constantly. Without adding too much detail (because it’s dull) I have been without practically any money for a while now. Adding the fact that I was supposed to have received money that I had counted on for silly stuff like food, I have felt incredibly frustrated. Luckily I have a superb support system around me, from my friends as well as the state but regardless it’s tiring, especially combined with anxiety. Still, I would, just once, really love to buy something pretty for myself, something not second hand, something of quality. But, you know what, I can’t right now, and if I never can that’s perfectly fine as well. This space is proof that I don’t need a lot of money to have fun!