By now you must know I am ALWAYS up for some 90s nostalgia. So as I was relaxing this weekend I took up my main current fashion-related hobby : 90s hairstyle researching. Yeah. I know! I just can’t help it! So anyway, I was browsing my own memory for crazy hairstyles and so I suddenly remembered Lisa Lopes and her wicked hairdos! So I dug up some old TLC albums, and then I looked up some old videos on YouTube, and then I browsed for some photos. And so I came to remember : TLC IS/WAS AWESOME! Damn it, I mean :

I MEAN CHECK OUT THOSE COLOURS. Also, I vividly remember seeing this video for the first time. I didn’t see it when it was all the rage and it first came out because I was too young obviously, but I did see it when I would watch late night MTV (Back when Belgium received MTV Europe! Complete with Hebrew(?) commercials, how awesome was that? Good times.). Even then, what year was it? 1998 or so? Even then, I was totally flabbergasted. Not only because TLC had such a great positive attitude about their sexuality and bodies, it was also because I was so used to seeing popstars dressed attractively, and maybe more importantly flatteringly. Because, I tend to forget that, style or a fashion sense or whatever you want to name it isn’t about attractiveness. It’s about being yourself. And if you want to put a condom in your glasses to cover up your blind eye, or if you only want to wear moo moos with flower prints, or if you want to wear jeans and a shirt for the rest of your life, or if you feel like being hip and following trends : DO IT, and you’ll look awesome as such because you’ll be you and you’ll feel comfortable. But even though this has been my personal ethic in ALL aspects of my life, I sometimes tend to forget this. So that’s why :

I’m not really a fan of overalls, probably because they’re often made in jeans and I despise denim as a fabric (they way it feels against my skin is icky, just saying) BUT I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE. Also, what top is Lisa wearing? IT IS FLUFFY THEREFORE I NEED IT.

I mainly love TLC’s photos because of the lack of SexyFace and those adorable smiles! I mean look at them! WHAT. I want to hug them.

When I think of ‘fashion’ and ‘girl bands’ in the same sentence I see this î



They probably were my first introduction to feminism, now that I think about it. They largely (but not solely) helped me to accept my body in my early teens and not care what others thought about me (and my looks) – up until I got into more alternative indie music, of course, where a waifish body and general forlorn looks were en vogue. Reminiscing over this, I’m wondering how girls these days deal with their bodies when there’s not one popstar that has a sex-and body-positive attitude? Or are there?