So I pretty much found the best dress ever. This post should be full of fashion fangirlisms and annoying internet abbreviations but I just can’t. No words are capable of expressing my feelings towards it. Or, you know, she. Because she’s so much more than just a garment.

I’ve been looking for a nice dress with one of those obnoxious 70s collars ever since I saw the fabulous Bollywood movie, Bobby, and I’m so glad I held on to my dreaded shopping rules whenever I saw a 70s dress that wasn’t absolutely perfect. It totally made me able to afford this magnificent creature, which is a little more expensive than what I usually spend on dresses. You know, eighteen Euro instead of five, hah!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just totally spam you with some details because omg.

Seventies collar and sleeves, pleats, colours, best flower pattern ever, fabulous fabric. It’s true love.

This last one you can enlarge just so you can vaguely see the nice fabric because, yes, I truly am that obsessed.