Okay, this is officially my last ~ altering bad purchases ~ post, because I’m sick of it. I only have a few things left I want to get done. One day though! One day.

Shoes: Dr. Martens, socks: asos.com, everything else: second hand, scarf: a fabulous gift.

I totally loved this dress since the minute I saw it. The fabric is such a gorgeous colour and print and it’s really thick and qualitative, too. But it was, like, ten sizes too big. Since the cut is really nice, has tiny breast nips and hidden pockets I decided to just take in the waist a little so it would still be relatively loose-fitting but fall in an hourglass shape regardless. I also shortened it a little. The way I take in garments is this: I either wear the garment while standing in front of a floor-length mirror and take the fabric I want to take and measure it with my fingers. Then I lay it flat and pin it to where I’d finger guessed. Or, I wear the garment inside out and pin it straight on my body. With this dress I did the former. Both my methods can work but can also fail easily :’D. How do you do you take in garments?

Because I felt like a colour overload :D. All DIY’ing aside. I am so. in. love. with this dress. The fabulous yellow seventies shirt is pretty kick ass too! Also: Nyan cat scarf! To be honest, at first I was a bit perplexed on how to co-ordinate the rainbow colours but I’ve come to the conclusion that colour overloading is the way to go. It’ll also never mismatch any outfit I wear because I am wearing at least two of those rainbow colours every day! :D

When it comes to a garment this nice, I never cut in the fabric. This way it can always be restored to its former glory. I used a hidden stitch to shorten it because with a fabric this thick and kick ass a little more time spent altering is good time spent.