me listening to Blow; it’s almost sacriligious to post selfies when talking about Beyoncé, but there’s so many good looks and stills to choose from her album I just couldn’t choose!!

Who has been crying over the goodness that is Beyoncé’s visual album? Not gonna, lie I was completely teary-eyed after I marathonned them all. You can watch them here, but if you have the money I really feel you should buy it. Usually I only go out of my way to get an album if it’s an independent artist but Beyoncé’s effort and idea and her outspoken ideology on black feminism, marriage and relationships, as well as her adamant non-apologetic sexuality and sexiness is truly so great I’m going to go round and tell everyone to support Beyoncé by word of mouth or hard cash.

Note my explicit mention of black feminism, because Beyoncé isn’t here for us white girls, because she doesn’t need to be. We have thousands of great women to look up to and we needn’t appropriate Beyoncé’s songs to our own lives. Why would you when you can root for all the black and brown girls in your life with Beyoncé by our sides?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie mentions during her speech, part of which is incorporated in Beyoncé’s ***FLAWLESS,: “Gender matters everywhere in the world, but I want to focus on Nigeria, and on Africa in general because it is where I know and it is because it is where my heart is.” We can only really talk about our own feminism because we only have our own lived experiences as context. We can look at it from an academia vantage point – though that’s not where my feminism lies anymore – but again those expressed ideologies are inherently attached to their own context. When (academia) feminism gets it wrong, (look at Eve Ensler be careful reading that though it’s upsettingly gross) its wrongness often comes from projecting our own context to a subject that needs its own context.

Look at Jezebel’s comment section on Beyoncé’s new album, filled with white women criticising Beyoncé for naming her latest tour the Mrs. Carter show, projecting white feminism on an idea that needs black feminism. Check out this article that debunks the Jezebel comments very satisfyingly.

Anyway, if you feel comfortable doing so put on your best lingerie and cry together with your best friends over how great Beyoncé is and her clear shoutout to feminism, which is so much more than we can say for most pop stars, let alone our currently Biggest Pop Star. But while singing that “you woke up like this ((FLAWLESS))” don’t forget black girls deserve to claim it entirely their own. Sing along and be an ally to your friends.

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