Soooo still pretty excited about this whole ‘altering bad purchases’-month because it has forced me take a better look at some things I thought would be useless forever. This includes a skirt which I thought of selling for a while but! I am really happy I found a way to wear this because: pink and purple plaid. Seriously.

socks:; tops, skirt, belt, fluffy cardigan and vest are second hand; purple shoes: some store in Switzerland; pink boots: Dr. Martens; all the bows in my hair were gifts

These socks are a bright pink/magenta with orange stripes and a purple elastic band. SO PERFECT.

The face I make when trying to smile and obviously failing is becoming a regular feature here. Besides my weird face I am also wearing a brooch made by a friend which is all sorts of amazing:

I stole this picture from her flickr. You can also find her illustration tumblr here, her personal tumblr here and also a blog which I’m not sure she still uses here. A lot of possibly largely useless linkage because plugging friends is awesome.

Confession time: I kind of not so accidentally had to buy this fluff jacket and break my rule of not buying anything this month because: FLUFF JACKET. When I was trying it on two women immediately flocked to me with big, eager eyes and almost rudely wanted to snatch it away from me and I was all ‘sry2say but this was already mine the day someone decided to create this’. Because seriously.

Let’s get down to the DIY-aspect of it all: this skirt was too small on my hips and too big on my waist. I was really really scared to alter anything of it because it’s so perfectly made. But I just had to because: pink and purple plaid. Also: seventies vibe. So I ended up opening up two pleats which were originally sewed together, and admittedly awkwardly taking in the waistband. I did so awkwardly because I wanted to avoid cutting anything of this skirt so I could easily restore it back if my plan failed or if I eventually end up giving it away and restoring it to its original state, and also due to extreme laziness. I actually quite prefer the shape this awkard taking in has given the skirt but I admit this idea might not be for everyone. When I took these pictures I only sewed together the top with one stitch but have since sewed together the whole waistband and it looks a lot nicer that way even though it still has a little of that fold thing going on which you can see in the picture with my blue shirt and awkward non-smile. (click image for bigger)

Meanwhile the awesome Roma from Disheveled Trend put up an interview with me which is aptly and amazingly titled ‘ode to fluff‘!

I’m sorry these posts are actually quite boring but I’m quitting coffee and I feel SO TIRED and all jittery and faint and weird and SO HEADACHY so I’m just leaving it at this because, I know, if I wait till I have something to say (which I don’t because apparently my brain can’t process anything without coffee) I will end up not updating in a really long while and so consequently quitting this whole ‘altering bad purchases’ thing.