Hey! Hello!! How have you been? What have you been up to?? What are you gonna wear for Halloween tonight?

It’s been so long since I was here!! For a while there I thought I might stop posting completely. Yet here I am. Showing off my new coat (it has pockets!!). It’s the only coat I wear these days.


coat: second hand, pants: marimekko, shoes: martin margiela (second hand)
Oh and my hair is short! I haven’t even combed it today (what a luxury!) so it doens’t look that good, have a look at these photobooth selfies where it looks pretty cute.

Photo on 14-09-15 at 15.32

Photo on 14-10-15 at 09.13

(I’m also pretty obsessed with makeup, btw! Something I am also not wearing in today’s outfit pic.)

Aside from these usual issues, my focus on clothing evaporated in favor of an obsession over skincare! I currently use this sort of as a meditative self care tool. Twice a day I take an elaborate skincare routine to mindfully massage my skin, cleanse it, pamper it, pat it, feed it (okay not really that last one). I try to feel my fingers as they slide product over my face, feel the splashings of water, massage my overly stiff face and often a wave of relaxation comes over me. And it feels amazing. It’s a preventative measure for stress, but when I feel acute panic I often grab some creams and whatnot and massage, pat pat pat. It is a very nice technique.