An outfit I wore to fangirl over colour all day and be super-enthused my school is allowing me such art fangirling and even pushing me to write a paper about it. Yay for being an art student! :D

Today I’d also very much like to share some music-related fangirling to you. I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER. Or, you know, literally like eighteen months. This perfectly illustrates my laziness because I’d very much prefer to fill this blog not only with painfully colour-bright outfit but also of general fabulosity that I obsess over. But it takes work and my laziness is so deeply embedded in me, gah!

But I so very much need to obsess over irritatingly catchy and energetic post-punk girl bands! Not only did they make amazing music but they also inspired the 90s riot grrrls yet I’ve hardly ever seen the internet obsess about them which blows my mind because how does kick ass (proto-)feminists + riot grrrl inspiration + catchy music NOT equal internet obsession? I JUST DON’T KNOW. Therefore a mixtape of my personal favourites is in order! First though I just want to clarify that I encourage people buying their records rather than distributing stuff free, this is just a way to enthuse people about the utter amazingness that is post-punk all-female bands. Buy their albums!

01. Split – LiLiPUT/Kleenex

Energetic dada post-punk girl band is an apt description for LiLiPUT/Kleenex aka one of my favourite bands EVER. I could write a book about how much I love this song but I’ll just leave it at this which easily illustrates my undying love in a cliché sentence.

02. Fairytale in the Supermarket – The Raincoats

Nostalgia! I remember having this song on my Myspace back when it was still vaguely cool to have one. One of my first steps into the world of post-punk and what a beautiful step it was! Insert nostalgic sigh.

03. Systhematic Death – Crass

Not really a girl band and not really post-punk like most of this list but it has a female vocalist and it’s punk? Idk I had to include this because Crass is awesome, and not only because they made an album ironically called Penis Envy.

04. Plastic – Mother’s Ruin

Okay so, I don’t really know anything about this band aside from the tidbit that appeared at the super amazing jennywoolworth blog but this song is too awesome! Plastic plastic plastic!!! If anyone can tell me where to get more of them, let me know!

05. Wake Up – Essential Logic

Formed by the former saxophonist of the X-Ray Spex and I have to admit I might even love Essential Logic more than the X-Rays? Super catchy song, filled with saxophone and awesomeness!

06. So Though – The Slits

Impossible to make this kind of a mix without the inclusion of the ever-fabulous Slits! Not my favourite band to be honest, but very good nonetheless!

07. We’re So Cool – Au Pairs

Because, yes.

08. I Can’t Do Anything – X-Ray-Spex

Well YEAH, obviously.

09. Getting Nowhere Fast – Girls at our Best

Recommended to me online after I’d mentioned I liked ‘annoyingly cheerful punkish girl bands with irritating voices’. Not irritating at all, but awesome and cute nonetheless!

10. Now That You’ve Gone – Delta 5

I haven’t ever really gotten into Delta 5 (yet?) but omg how I love the guitar on this song.

11. Foolish Girl – The Mo-Dettes

Not one of my faves but made of awesome regardless. Check out their video for White Mice and marvel at the outfits and general fabulosity!

12. Dream Come True – Dolly Mixture

Once again possibly one of my favourite bands ever! They are so. damn. cute. but also awesome and amazing and I want to be them and just omg.

Download here!