Battling negative views about yourself can be absolutely draining, because in no way is it easy and maybe it’s even impossible sometimes but that’s okay. You should take the time to recharge and care for yourself.

dress: second hand, fluorescent sports socks: Kipsta, seriously worn out shoes: Neosens

Last month I set the goal to live on a ridiculously small budget and it caused me a lot of grief and stress so when I found out I’d managed to somehow still have twenty euros left I took it upon myself to irrespobsibly blow it all on a dress I’d been crying over and some make up inspired by Lady Vengeance. I dyed my hair, hung out with myself and watched good movies and stuffed myself with great food.

via tumblr

Self-care is also making a playlist of fabulous babes who realise their babeliness, flaunt it, revel in having fun with music, or Prince singing about his sexually forward girlfriends and RuPaul cheering you on, girl, so that I can play it with friends as not have to listen to their dubstep that sometimes makes me so nervous it makes me wanna vomit, and also just because it’s catchy, good and makes me feel all girly and stuff.

b a d a s s 28 from batoidea on 8tracks.

(NOTE: I should trigger warn you because the last song, #24 by The Raveonettes, deals with rape! Here’s the tracklist.)

Caring for yourself is allowing you to eat food so good it makes delicious tears swell up in your eyes, no matter the cost or unhealthiness of it all. It is surrounding yourself with things you love and deserve. Self-care is indulging yourself in things that make you feel good. Self-care is this.