As a teen I laughed in my friends face when she told me about her love of list, luckily I turned 25 this Saturday, and now whenever a friend asks me for advice, I’m like, ‘ok ok, let’s make a list together about this’! And it’s the best grown-up thing I grew to.


So, when I say, self-care is knowing yourself, I look back into my schoolyears past and realised that the year I was in Switzerland, and my school stereotypically aranged every single thing to a T, I felt best and most comofortable; a huge deal many kilometres away from the comforts of home and friends. Naturally: let’s make lists and schedules and lists and lists and lists! Which is exactly how I’ve been prepping for my new school year, and I’m really excited and very proud of my many lists. I have made book lists, a four year plan list of possible major and minor lists, possible electives to take with info, and I’ve already prepped up my Evernote for note-taking in class with all the classes of my first semester. More so, I’ve made a fabulous schedule, matching with this outfit (and 99% of any other outfit I wear), in Sailor Moon font (Apple Chancery!).


shirt: second hand, skirt: hand-made, hair ribbon: gift, socks:, shoes: dr. martens

If you’re a person who, like me, has a hard time saying ‘now is the time to do this’ and then actually do it, I recommend list-making and schedules, because though it may be hard at first if you grow into it, it will come naturally. But take care of yourself, know yourself. For instance, I have a hard time going home or going anywhere inbetween classes so I’ve decided to immediately revise my classes at school or the library and eat close-by, or possibly hang out in one of many parks and read a book rather than going home and getting nervous for next class. It solves my nervousness in two ways; I will not be nevrous inbetween classes and I will be a lot less anxious during exam periods because I will have already done my bit of revising. Of these reasons I have made a list as well. A list featuring an inspiring sailor moon still and under that, the reasons why I am doing this, why I am studying and why it is important to go to as many classes and follow my schedule as well as I possibly can. Remind yourself that it is not necessary to follow your schedule to a T either. This is just guidance. (I also still need to add a job and meditation, too, but there’s room and time and it’s all good.)

Let’s hope this works! Let’s hope we will work and kick some academic butt and be gorgeous with our gorgeous butts, hopefully in a sailor fuku outfit if you so desire.