This weekend I had a revelation and realised I wear a lot of pink, so I tried to challenge myself into wearing no pinks or reds for a whole week.

Socks:, shoes: neosens, everything else: second hand

That is, until I put on a sweater without thinking about it.

It is Tuesday and I failed already! :D

Obviously the super warm sweater is to compensate for the coldness that my legs experience, because it’s totally freezing outside. However, I am being irresponsible in regards to this because if I’m being honest I really love how my legs look in mini skirts so damn the cold and damn everyone who comments negatively on short skirts! Viva upper thighs!

Also, I was wearing this when menstruating and thanks to my new menstrual cup I felt completely comfortable flaunting my upper thighs and underwear, unlike when I was using… everything but a menstrual cup. YAY for environmentally friendly female hygiene products!

Check out my really weird and/or creepy cat barrettes, too:

The anthropomorphism of the light blue ones really freak me out.