I don’t really have anything to say but look at this dress! I rediscovered it lying between a pile of clothes that needed to be mended. I remember I found this on the flee market in this old dusty, treasure-like chest and it was literally stuck together of all the dirt and dust but I just knew that as soon as I’d washed it, it’d be fabulous. Sadly though it had tears all over and the whole thing had an air of slight disintegration. It still does but I managed to poorly sew the biggest tears and I just grew to love the disintegrated fabric. The back is closed by push buttons and they always fall open as soon as I move my shoulders and pout my belly but I guess I’ll sew some fabulous buttons on it instead, wear it 24/7 in the summer and wallow in my air pink of fabulosity.

Of course with mend I mean randomly punch holes in some fabric with a needle that preferably has some fabric in it while watching Fringe and being disappointed by the current storylines.

I got this dress and cardigan for one Euro, too. Flee markets ftw!

I like these colours together.

Other than that, I’ve also been reading some Chekhov and I am so. in. love. I remember reading Chekhov when I was 15 or so but I don’t remember a thing but loving it and after I’d gotten over my Russian classics phase and moved over to Modern English classics phase I’d completely forgotten about him and his characters. This man knows how to write a story, but more importantly he knows how to write characters. They’re not always fully rounded, nor do they always seem fully real but somehow they manage to touch the core of an idea of a person and he does it so elegantly that, even though I’ve only just read The Sea-Gull and Three Sisters (disregarding the stories I’ve read and forgotten at fifteen) I just needed to write this paragraph and recommend him to anyone who hasn’t read him yet. Though I totally get that his stories aren’t for everyone, as they tend to be slightly boring if you don’t read between the lines, I think it should be obligated reading for everyone regardless. Definitely, considering the last post I wrote in which I was pissed about the lack of real female characters because Chekhov writes some really kick ass women’s roles, most notably in Three Sisters which is about lost dreams and basically just life as it tends to be for most people.

Chekhov being fabulous.