So, I’ve been so obsessed with skincare and makeup recently I thought I’d review some stuff! I personally love reading up on other people’s skincare and makeup regimen whether applicable to me or not. So I hope you’re interested as well!

Anyways, I figured I’d start off with my current favourite product; Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion! First off, I need to disclose I totally just wanted a cushion because the concept of the packaging really speaks to me. A woman touching up her makeup in public with a compact is truly iconic and seems so chic to me. I want to be chic?!

But compacts on the western market are usually powders or thick creams, which are generally drying and since I have dry skin a cushion compact speaks to me a lot more. The cushion compact concept that is currently making waves started up in Korea; generally cushion compacts already existed but the packaging and soft dewy effect of the foundation that’s in it is definitely Korean imho! So it’s a given that a lot of interesting cushion compacts are Korean. The most holy grail cushion seems to still be the first one and is the Iope Air Cushion.This brand got together a special puff with a technology called rubycell that supposedly doesn’t soak up the foundation, and a cushion soaked with foundation. The finishing of the foundation is hydrating with a dewy glow, plus to make it more appealing also put some skincare ingredients in there, like a BB cream does! I personally don’t believe a BB cream or a cushion is very different from a foundation aside from the fact that they are generally a little more hydrating and more opaque. The blog of Faces and Fingers (love this blog!) did a really interesting analysis of the ingredients of cushions and ultimately concludes what I personally believe as well. To sum that post up and only mentioning what’s applicable to this post: some Korean cushions only have the benefit of niacinamide as a skincare ingredient.

So, after doing my research on cushions I wanted the Iope one, but was unsure about the correct tone for my face. It was around 35 euros on ebay for the tone I wanted, so when I saw the Lancôme cushion was only about 36 euros in a local department store I bought the latter after swatching some product on my hand and looking at it in daylight. I loved the dewy, shiny finishing of the product so I was like, ok whatever I’ll just get this one. The Lancôme is more expensive though, considering the cushion does not include a refill and the Iope one does. But, you know, I was like, whatevs.

compact2 compact1
After having used it for almost two weeks I can definitely say I really love it. I’m still obsessed with the dewy finishing, but mostly I’m really impressed with how hydrating this is and yet doesn’t break me out. I have very sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts so when I do find a hydrating makeup base, most of the time it ends up breaking me out. The Maybelline BB cream, which is also a favourite of mine, does not but still feels a little dry to me. Lancôme keeps me hydrated all day! Other than that it does not have great coverage, but I personally love fairly opaque foundations so this is actually a plus for me. It claims to even out skin tone rather than covering up, and that’s why I love it too because it makes for a more natural look, which I currently love and prefer as a #look. Aside from that it hardly looks like you have any product on. I’m definitely prone to obsession so I minutely inspect my skin and I cannot see any product at all. Amazing. It also does not feel like I am wearing anything on my skin either! That’s like…. magical to me… you could almost say… it’s a miracle. I’m currently cramming for my exams which stresses me out and makes me hyperaware of everything but still I can’t feel the product sitting on top of my face. Also, when applying the cushion and puff combo feels really refreshing to your skin which is always welcome on my fussy irritated skin.

Here is me before I put on the cushion and after I put it on! I forgot to take a pic that’s a little more close-up from the before, but as you can see my skin is in fairly good condition at the moment so all I want is less red in my face, just an even skin tone really. (I did not mess with the colours in this pic, the light is sunlight from my window, and you can even click the pics for a larger size if you truly want to look up close… that’s what I always want from reviews!) So the cushion is perfect for what I want.




I also find that, in pictures, my skin looks a lot more brighter because the light seems to bounce off the small glitters (not really glitters but this is what makes it “dewy”) very nicely. In the last picture I’m also wearing a little of benefit’s Watt’s Up! highlighter though you can’t really see it that well, but it is the sharpest and largest of the bunch so… have fun inspecting my skin.

I just look so much fresher and healthy, don’t I? I love it! I love makeup!!

Aside from the product itself I also like the simplicity of the packaging. The mirror-like top constantly gets dirty though but I love regardless because I find it pretty! I do have to say that this puff is not the supposed rubycell technique. But in the comments of the previously linked post on Korean cushion compacts it gets mentioned that the claims Iope has put on their air cushion puff that it is supposed to be more hygienic, does not hold up to European cosmetic laws or whatever. Whether it’s true that it is more hygienic or not, whether any kind of puff is better than another I just don’t know and honestly I don’t really care. The puff is kinda gross and I wash it frequently but to absolve myself from washing it daily (which I know I won’t end up doing after a while, especially when school starts up again) I just went on ebay and searched for ‘cushion puffs’ and went ahead and bought four of the cheapest ones so I can keep them in regular rotation, because honestly it really does get a little gross. Aside from this the Korean cushion/sponges that are filled with the foundation are generally a lot more dense/have less “pores” in them. Compare the Iope one with the Lancôme for instance.

fc0d5c2c-46f1-4c97-a958-84a82af351bf_LancomeMiracleCushion-sq.png iope-air-cushion-xp-L-BIIj84
Okay you can’t really see it that well here, but you can easily see it if you google it and see personal pictures taken. The Lancôme might be more prone to drying out because of these large pores it seems. But since I’ve been using it nearly every day and is my favourite foundation product by far I don’t think I’ll have an issue with using it before it dries.

So, considering I personally don’t believe Korean compacts are better (which I know a lot of people claim to) aside from a lot of brands adding a decent amount of niacimanide, and Lacôme is the only brand that I’ve seen locally that does cushions which are sort of but not really close in price range I’m happy that I ended up with this one! I would definitely recommend this to people with dry and sensitive skin (though apparently the fragrance can possibly be irritating so mind that!) and to people who want light to light-medium coverage, a natural yet dewy finish, and possibly even to people who want to try foundations but hate the way they feel. But if you are interesting and willing to take the plunge on a Korean brand I think you should go for it and tell me literally all about it?


To conclude:

– pretty dewy, glowy finish
– hydrating
– natural finish
– generally very chic

– expensive but honestly i’m like whatevs about this
– puffs are actually kinda gross
– the soaked sponge has bigger pores so might be more prone to drying out