I’ve been experimenting with makeup and documenting it via the terrible Photobooth because I am too lazy to get out my camera. It hardly captures the colours, like, at all but it serves as a personal reminder.

Top left to right: pink eyeshadow w/ black eyeliner and red lipstick, red red red (lipstick used as eyeliner, does the trick when layered with eyeshadow!), orange lipstick and eyeshadow w/ yellow eyeliner (it is so terrible, like it comes off in chunks ugh but for cheap eyeliner the best thing you can do to make it work is warm it up before use), orange orange orange, red yeliner (lipstick) w/ a base of my shitty yellow eyeliner layered with orange lipstick, pink eyeshadow orange lipstick, ALL OF THE RED GLITTER with redish pink eyeshadow as a base, a little black eyeliner on the outside of my eyes and orange lipstick.

Please give me all of the cheap make up tips.

I am really into the wearing red on my eyes, especially with glitter, because it makes me look ill and reminds me of Luisa Casati, who looks like a ghost, and also of the Victorian beauty ideal that sexualised sick women. But wearing it today, when that kind of ideal has long gone, with a glitter update makes me feel weirdly great and perfectly glittery. Because obviously that’s just makeup and I don’t want to look good; my makeup is not about flattering my face shape any more. It is about feeling fabulous and queenly and perfect and fancy and good and scary and weird.

It makes me sad that I cannot pursue my new passion as I want to because I personally can’t afford nor justify a lot of makeup prices and it sucks so, as always, I find my salvation in DIY recipes. Here is a great lipstick recipe that seems pretty easy and cheap, made with crayons. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds good. Get at me if you have more recipes or have any tips for using terrible but cheap makeup or where to find it!

And as a preview for my next DIY face recipes and tips post I will say now that I use coconut oil as a makeup remover: just rub it all over your face and in nooks and cranes, then just wipe it off with a cloth. Others also use olive oil and I reckon you could try many oils, except essential oils. I prefer coconut oil because it is very light.