Photo on 30-04-14 at 13.30 #2

sweater: W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck found via eBay, shirt: it just magically showed up in my closet?, jacket: second hand, skirt: hand-made, knock-off dr. martens: second hand, earrings: gift
Still IMMENSELY overwhelmed by school; I’ve already dropped two courses in the beginning fo the semester and I might drop more to focus completely on the most difficult courses. However there’s this one seemingly easy one that I feel I can get through by my previously gathered knowledge thanks to being an art theory nerd & having been in art school and thus followed a lot of art courses but knowing university it’s gonna bite me in the butt and laugh at me so IDK. Either way current focus is the three most difficult courses for which I have to memorize over a thousand (I think it’s nearing 3000??) pages and many more images. Hahah OOOPS. Here’s how Belgian uni’s work: you get school for 2 semesters (each 12 weeks), usually there are little or no assignments and you have to memorize everything at the end of it. It seems to me US schools have a lot more assignments that count for your end score, that’s so appealing to me! It makes so much more sense! It gives you so much more motivation to continually keep wokring whereas our system kinda motivates you to party a lot (or, like me, bingeing on TV shows & playing video games) and ultimately freak out over the amount you have to study when all your partying is done. But then again, reading Americanah (gorgeous, just like Half of a Yellow Sun my heart literally broke and I had to take time to put my emotions together phew), US courses also seem unchallenging with a lot of discussion time? Of course the latter is what I’m trying to convince myself because of course it sounds awesome despite for the fact that you probably have to listen to some terrible opinions. This discussion system would NOT work in Belgian; everytime a prof asks a question the entire auditorium lapses into the most uncomfortable silence you can imagine. Ultimately, only the people from The Netherlands answer. Bless you Netherlanders for disguising our well-rooted shame to speak up. Bless.

(A side note: in Americanah I also read that US people don’t use sponges to shower? Is this true? Not even a loofah? How do you shower/live??)

One of these days I truly am going to compile a list of all the amazing tips I have received about studying. But for now I am giving a shoutout to Anki a digital flashcard system; it gives me a sense of purpose and it kinda feels like a fun game to me. It feels very rewarding to correctly answer and click ‘good’. Yay!

Aaaand on another note!! I totes forgot to link to this really cool interview with me by I Shape Beauty. Please do check out their blog I love their projects so much!