via my own tumblr post, bikini by La Fille d’O, I’ve been borrowing these sunglasses for two years straight so idk where they’re from

Never mind our local perpetually rainy weather, summer has arrived and my summer goal is to wear as little as possible. It cost me a lot of energy to look forward to skimpy summer fashion, but the time and energy I’ve put into it reward me every day with waking up looking at myself and being absolutely fine with it and even loving/adoring/worshipping myself most of the time. Not only has looking at myself stopped costing me a lot of draining negative energy, but it’s gained me a lot of positive energy that helps me through the day.

For sure, I believe I have it pretty easy compared to a lot of people because I am already considered pretty cute according to many societal standards that give me a lot of advantages but I feel anyone can take up the journey of battling their own low self-esteem. I’ll lend you some energy when you feel depleted.

Personally, I’ve battled this idea instilled in me that I had to look attractive at all times, and the poisonous view that my, and other bodies, were nothing more than a summary of qualified and unqualified limbs. This I’ve stamped out of myself by forcing to look at myself meticulously every day, and it did it so especially by wearing clothes what I thought were somehow unflattering or ugly (terms that I don’t believe in any more), and being naked, of course. Being naked a lot. I looked at others, too, and saw how their bodies were living, breathing vessels that bring us pleasure and sadness and beauty. And gradually, I learned to rid myself of petty jealousies, criticisms and learned how to feel comfortable in clothing I used to believe unflattering and my world is so much freer because of it.

I don’t think it’s coincidental that I was coming out of depression when I decided to stop the negative energy I’d been afflicting myself with every day. And I don’t think it’s coincidental that I am currently battling ugly ideas instilled in me about my personality. What I do is unapologetically be my horrible self, even though I cringe sometimes. I will get over that. I know that I am riddled with flaws but, though I should work on them, I should never apologise for being my true self and erase myself in the process.

Loving yourself means having the energy, space and time to love and help others, and in turn that will reward you with more love and positivity in your life. There is no amount of energy that isn’t worth a fight for this reward.

I am interested in how other people have grown into self-love, and I am interested in helping other along their personal journey into the acceptance of their own fabulosity. Tell me how you feel about yourself and we can encourage each other to love one another and ourselves or we can swap stories how we got to loving ourselves!

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