ok mostly all of this stuff was second hand or a hand me down

Boop! I’ve been loving this outfit lately! I felt it looked so good IRL in mirrors but I’m not sure how I feel about it on camera, but still. Love it. It’s super comfy. I’ve been wearing the red dress quite often as it’s a loose-ish fit with a very soft fabric because I’ve been ill for, like, two weeks. Ridiculous. I don’t agree. Anyways, here it is, I. An outfit. Colours and all that. Tabis that the shoemaker refused to fix because they were a hopeless case so I took my own needle and sewed and glued them, just as Margiela would have wanted, I’d like to think. I’m happy I get to wear them again. I was in deep mourning for a bit after the shoemaker told me that devastating news and the tension I felt when repairing them on my own was enough to make me faint and definitely lash out to anyone interrupting me (I AM DOING IMPORTANT WORK HERE DO NOT DISTURB).

Second chance for my tabis. Two weeks for my sickness to subside. Also? I think I have been trying to find a perfume for two years, and I might have just found one? I used to hate perfumes because of migraines and public transport (someone tell me what is that overpowering, powder-y like smell that old chic ladies wear? You know the ones your grandmother, if she was fancy, might’ve had on her nightstand?). I started out with Japanese cherry blossom eau de toilette to cover up the scent of a smelly home, yet was not satisfied even though I love those cute flowers. I often found a perfume and then promptly had to set it aside after only a few uses because of the attached panic fuelled memories &tc and a general ugh-yuck feeling. Then I stuck to samples but the most positive experience I had ever been about one was ‘huh, not bad?!’. Then recently I got tricked in to visiting a store called SKIN or something or other. So while hoping to check out new serums and creams, the shop was stocked with hard to find perfumes. I gasped. And quickly I was drawn to Comme des Garçons’ perfumes. [Imagine a long dreamy silence here.] When I smelled them? A new world opened up to me. I sprayed some on those perfume cardboard sticks, walked around for a while and whenever I smelled them they took me by surprise, so many layers! I can’t believe it. I now understand perfumes. The shopkeeper kindly gave me two samples (their new ‘Dot’ and their classic ‘2’). I’ve been wearing 2 and I love how it changes on my skin. And it’s just like? Unexpected? But also very expected? I understand now. I understand.

So! Tell me!! What’s your favourite perfume? What do you wear? What have you discarded? What are your favourite top notes, base notes? Tell me everything I need to know about perfume.

A world has opened up to me and it is so beautiful.



Here is me, in artificial lightening (corrected to true colours in photoshop, or at least tried to), not posing just waiting patiently, trying not to roll my eyes when someone else tried to take a pic of me to see if outfit pics could work in this new space. IRL, outside, I wore the shoes I wore in my last outfit post; they worked great but are difficult to walk in with socks because they are a size too big. No foot sweat to keep me in my place apparently. Those socks are a dark blue. I love knee socks and over the knee socks. Very cute, some interpret it as sexy which like whatever that’s your thing I just like how my silhouette is more in proportion to colours etc. than with tights. I don’t know I’m starting to hate tights. I hope autumn lasts long enough.

Look at my face. It is my typical face expression. So much love, kindness, interest glows out of it, no? No. How do people put up with me I wonder? A formal thanks to all my friends.


This is the pin I wore in my hair. I also have two pins to match which I sometimes wear on my collar together. When I meet new people their eyes go from my collars to my hair and back and forth, with a slightly weirded out look. The babies are slightly terrifying. Of course, I’m not a fan of babies but, still regardless they are slightly weird and terrifying to wear? A gift from my clothing patroness who knows me better than I know myself.