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I love how these turned out! I don’t really ever truly like my outfit pics but these some sort of vintage vibe and the colours are wonderful. The colours were born while I was trying to get rid of the yellow light in my room…Then there was also this one, in which I wanted to show my makeup… Sorta…. Also sorta 90s. Love it. In the second pic below you can also see my earrings that often look like strings of hair on the other pics. Kind of…. “found” them ahem…. will probably permanently loan them, I love them & it’s fun twirling the metal strings round your fingers. Oh and the most beautiful of all, is that they reach til uhh…. the….. you know the bones below your neck? I am tired but my memory is also a cheap sieve. Anyways that looks hot when I wear a sleeveless dress. If you wish you can scrutiny every detail a lil larger. All pics are clickable and should point to a bigger file.













Anyway: dress from a secret treasure & earrings too, shoes were a gift and my jacket was second hand.



shoes: gift – dress: Pepe Jeans – shirt: gift – top/vest: gift

Ohhh I look so tired and I’m only just getting started with my exam prep! Yikes.

Anyways just wanted to share this outfit because I have the time and luxury today while I procrastinate on studying the French Nouvelle Vague. Also, this semester I’ve been interning, which propelled me to dress a little more adult-like, and sometimes stricter too. When I had a day where I wanted to speak up and be heard I applied my eyebrows stronger, and wore an aggressive red lip with darker outfits and some designer stuff to give me some courage. Of course, I still allowed my usual whimsy on easier days. People definitely noticed me, and often assumed I had some sort of authority whereas I am just a lowly intern, hah! It felt pretty good. I’m realising I can manipulate, at least somewhat, how I am seen and perceived and it feels very powerful. Also fun. Very. It’s also exhilarating to realise I can do this with the closet I already have; somehow I always assumed I’d have to buy more work-appropriate clothing but I can definitely make do with what I have and love. Luckily, I’m in a creative working environment so my usual eccentricity is allowed. I hope I can continue along this path in my career. Both in the way of dress and the creative path in theatre! The internship has been chaos, confusion, cringe-worthy, but at the same time it’s also been incredibly fun and it’s opened my eyes to a lot of the processes behind theatre & more (i.e. C H A O S). Anyway it’s been fun and I’m psyched that my exams are over early so I can wrap up two projects and probably start a new one too.

you are every song


pants: Kenzo for H&M (men’s collection) – shoes: Martin Margiela – blouse: gift – knit crop sweater: Zara – the backpack in the background: gift (sorta claimed this for myself I’m sorry) / Orla Kiely

Whoopty freakin’ do, I finally found a way to take pics in this room! Sorry for the mess on the left. I love this little corner though, messy or not. Very cute, very colourful, love all the different kinds of storage and stuff. Very dynamic. Love the shapes, love the soft blue colour.

Anyways I’m obsessed with these pants from the Kenzo x H&M collection. I waited a couple of days after the release to visit H&M, hoping that most of the cool stuff would be gone and I wouldn’t go nuts and spend all my savings on it. But what  struck me most, as I was looking at the collection online, were these pants from the men’s collection, that one dress that was like 400 euros, and also tabi socks! The latter two were sold out, thank god for that dress but one tabi Kenzo sock would’ve been cool though. OH WELL. Is it me or are men’s pants (in retail at least), like, way more comfortable? Like, I’ve been looking for pants in women’s sections and the measures are so weird most of the time. I’ve been looking in the wrong places my whole life? Or has my butt deflated enough for retail?? But mostly I love these jeans because of the colours and all the textures! Like:




That’s it for now. It’s cool that I have a space to be like LOOK AT THESE COOL CLOTHES. Not that I don’t do it in real life, but only very few are as enthusiastic as me. So thanks for being here, too, you know? It’ll almost be eight years that I’ve carved out this little space here. A lot has changed, yet I still haven’t grown out of the outfit pic habit. How nice. Or weird? Who cares. Eh.