By now you must know I am ALWAYS up for some 90s nostalgia. So as I was relaxing this weekend I took up my main current fashion-related hobby : 90s hairstyle researching. Yeah. I know! I just can’t help it! So anyway, I was browsing my own memory for crazy hairstyles and so I suddenly remembered Lisa Lopes and her wicked hairdos! So I dug up some old TLC albums, and then I looked up some old videos on YouTube, and then I browsed for some photos. And so I came to remember : TLC IS/WAS AWESOME! Damn it, I mean :

I MEAN CHECK OUT THOSE COLOURS. Also, I vividly remember seeing this video for the first time. I didn’t see it when it was all the rage and it first came out because I was too young obviously, but I did see it when I would watch late night MTV (Back when Belgium received MTV Europe! Complete with Hebrew(?) commercials, how awesome was that? Good times.). Even then, what year was it? 1998 or so? Even then, I was totally flabbergasted. Not only because TLC had such a great positive attitude about their sexuality and bodies, it was also because I was so used to seeing popstars dressed attractively, and maybe more importantly flatteringly. Because, I tend to forget that, style or a fashion sense or whatever you want to name it isn’t about attractiveness. It’s about being yourself. And if you want to put a condom in your glasses to cover up your blind eye, or if you only want to wear moo moos with flower prints, or if you want to wear jeans and a shirt for the rest of your life, or if you feel like being hip and following trends : DO IT, and you’ll look awesome as such because you’ll be you and you’ll feel comfortable. But even though this has been my personal ethic in ALL aspects of my life, I sometimes tend to forget this. So that’s why :


Yuki, part 2

I was going to do an outfit post because I still have one new super duper cute dress to show but seeing as I haven’t been able to sleep in over two weeks my face looks like it’s melting, my hair is tangled up so horribly bad it looks like a birds nest and in all honesty I’m just way too damn lazy. (Also been neglecting my commenting, so sorry for that too sigh.) So! Yuki part 2! Also, I need the cheering up :D


The two dresses she’s wearing in this video Power of Love are just so amazing I end up squealing and desperately looking for something similar every time I see this video! Babydoll perfectness! Gah!



How to make dresses without any real talent or patterns

So I was reading Tavi’s plea for an equivalent of Sassy magazine & her longing for DIY stuff and it occurred to me that I should’ve posted how I made my salopette dress the other day. Because, face it; blogs are the new Sassy. A magazine is a platform funded by the fashion and advertising industry which means that it has to romanticise consumption. So why are we waiting for a (non-independent) magazine to pop up that tells the ugly truth about the fashion industry and its fucked up beauty standards, why are we waiting for it to tell us that yes you can have style and a full outfit for under 10 Euro (if you’re willing to invest some time), and why are we waiting for magazines to feature some kick ass DIY? Why are we waiting while we have THE MAGICS OF THE INTERNET?? Blogs are (mostly) unbiased and are free to do exactly this and that’s why we love them.

The internet is a source of unaccountable joy as such it seems made out of rainbows and unicorn blood. Where else can you hear about a band that has only made three singles in the 80s in full obscurity and hear the music instantly? Where else can you find surrealist communist films from the 70s etc. etc. In my pre-teen, internet-less years of loving jazz I discovered three jazz musicians I love in THREE YEARS, I can discover over ten new musicians in a couple of hours now. All the knowledge I’ve gathered in maybe six years of the internet could’ve taken me a whole lifetime without the internet! I HAVE NOTHING BUT UNDYING LOVE FOR THE INTERNET AND YES THIS NEEDS TO BE IN CAPSLOCK.

Anyway, let it be known I have no patience for the absolute and wholly horrible act that is sewing. HATE HATE HATE. It’s the most tedious thing to do for me, so if you feel the same don’t let it stop you from making dresses! These things took me less than three hours to make. I also didn’t use a sewing machine most of the time. Add a cocktail and some catchy music and you’ll actually have fun doing this! Click the images for bigger.

Salopette dress as seen here. I got the fabric for 2 Euro at the flee market. It was originally a table cloth! :D Total cost = 2 Euro


Dress with collar as seen here and here. I just cut out the collar and sewed it onto the fabric. It’s done pretty horribly and I’m sure there’s a better way so I didn’t describe that one. I found the fabric with a friend and demanded him to give it to me. Total cost = 0 Euro.


Apple dress as seen here. This one is most simple of all! I’m pretty sure this only took up one hour of my time though admittedly I did use my sewing machine. I got the fabric from my neighbour. Total cost = 0 Euro.


Also a high-waisted skirt as seen here and here. Now this is EASY. It mostly takes me a half an hour to do this or less. Fabric for 8 Euro in a cheap store. I made two skirts out of this one and still have some left! I forgot to add that this has to be a little wider than the biggest part of your hips/thighs.


Additional info/tips:


Of course, not everyone can get second hand fabrics (though seriously check out the bedlinen and stuff in your local charity shop) but in cheap fabric stores you can get some from ranging around 8-15 Euro.

Perfectly finished dresses are for losers! & remember kids: only cut a little of the fabric and then rip off the rest for a straight line. It’s less time consuming and easy!

Also, don’t be afraid to tell me if something isn’t clear! I’ll answer your question(s) in the comments.

EDIT: I put a zipper in the side of my dresses, I fold the fabric and sew the zipper straight on. This way there’s less sewing :D