Sorry for the lack of activity here. I’ve been incredibly lazy this past week. I wish I could say it were a good lazy like ‘I was so busy studying that all I wanted to do in my spare time was nap’-lazy, or ‘I had worked so much the past few weeks that all I wanted to do was watch Buffy’-lazy but really I’ve mainly been lazing about goallessly and drinking various sorts of champagne and wine with my parents. Just because.

SO ANYWAY, I was shopping the other day for some presents and sewing supplies when I wandered about to some dresses and I found this adorable 60s/90s dress. You know the kind that a lot of cool all-girl bands wore in the 90s? So, because I want to buy some new comfy shoes to go with them before I post it here (it has flowers) I thought of collecting some pics of those cool 90s girls (it also has polka dots) but in the end I just found myself staring at pictures of Yuki from Judy and Mary. Judy and Mary are an obnoxiously poppy and cheerful Japanese rock band that I have kind of come to adore because of said obnoxious poppiness :D. Yuki also plays a big part in said obsession because not only does she have a fabulously annoying voice but she’s simply all-around amazing because of her ever-changing but perpetual cool style. Seriously: