cardigan: fornarina, shoes: sonia rykiel for h&m, skirt: hand-made, shirt: second hand

Outfit & make-up & shoes as self-care because vanity is nothing to be apologetic about.

I have been wearing these shoes all day yesterday and today inside to convince myself I can handle rocking horse shoes as daily wear. These are twelve centimetres high and the shoes I am eyeing are 7,5 centimetres so I could definitely handle them, right? Too bad that walking on cobblestones is nearly impossible with any wedge-like shoe and there’s cobblestones all over here. But you know what? I think I’ll get them anyway one day because I deserve them.

p.s. I am a european 38, and my feet are exactly 23,5 centimetres long just in case you’d want to buy them for me ~(◐‿◐)~ 
No but seriously, if anyone has any experience with either rocking horse shoes or Bodyline let me know what you think!