Photo 143

Photo 73

I am in the proud possession of many many selfies, a lot via photobooth I haven’t published online (yet?). It’s a documentation of my outfits, self, more importantly a moment of self-love, and serves as a memory of my mental and emotional state in life. I remember every moment that happened after I took these selfies, and I love that. Posting selfies is self-affirmation, self-love but also plain fun and cute. They’re fun to share, because it gives the viewers a glimpse of the person’s life, the way they want others to see it. That doesn’t make it a lie, instead it shows us who this person is by showing us who to be. There is no acting or falsification involved, because every action you take in life has some acting or falsification involved. Absolute truth (when documenting oneself) doesn’t exist in my eyes. I don’t want to start a discourse around it because it’s all so plain and clear for me but after reading this, I couldn’t help myself.