vest: second hand, skirt: hand-made, belt: gift, shirt: second-hand, fluff earrings: hand-made, gummy boots: shoe discount

Utter shock by my own short-sightedness was the feeling that came over me when I saw Marlena’s super cute DIY pom pom earrings post. It’s been a favourite Poupée Girl item of mine for years, yet I never thought to make it? Shock and horror!

As an addition to overall cuteness you should go read Cassie’s amazing article ‘Cute as Subversive‘ which I’ve been thinking about ever since she wrote it. That with Sianne Ngai’s essay ‘The Cuteness of the Avant Garde‘ and the etymology of cute I have nothing more to add, ever probably. It’s a good feeling knowing that cute aesthetics have been philosophically plowed out and over and again and I feel completely at ease with accepting my own cute. Though there’s still some things to be said about cuteness on faces/bodies like mine; readily accepted as non-threatening I feel it gives me a lot of privileges socially. I am often dismissed easily as frivolous and dim-witted but I can easily challenge that because my personality is the exact polar of it (unless when I’m taking cats though I can easily turn the subject as a great philosophical matter of empathy and beauty as one should) which in turn then just makes people mark me as weird which still makes me and my opinions invalid, but still makes me non-threatening and that of course opens up a lot of doors that stay closed for most others.

Then I guess now I am all and completely done with talking of Cute and it feels warm and fuzzy and good and sweet and cute inside.