knit & top: Zara, pants: second hand, shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, earrings: handmade, belt: Veritas
And here I present to you: my #summerlook2k15!! Found these pants second hand. For some reason the second hand shops I frequent have loads of 70s pants. But I could never fit into them!! Until now that is. I shall miss my beautiful bubble butt, but I have resigned to being skinnier. And as a tiny little elf I shall indeed make use of this tiny little butt and these tiny little arms and my even tinier littler waist and therefore I shall damn well buy the pants my old cute butt used to banish out of my life.


On the other hand, a tiny violin plays to an audience singing “Fuck you if you skinny bitches. What? Yeah. Ha-ha, ha…” (Minaj 2015) while my frail torso refuses all man-made sizes in this world. …Except for Zara. Zara, your expensive claws have trapped me and quelled me. I have bought your knit and your perfect crop top. Why… why… w h y, I ask with my hand on my heart until the people shout: “no one fucking cares, you’re a skinny bitch who fits into literally everything… everything… no one cares…[echo][echo][echo]” To which, I say true and feel the deepest of shame when I look at my ludicrously huge wardrobe. True.


Please mind this awkward headshot for giraffe earring detail.