Continuing with the altering of bad purchases! This was actually the outfit that started my idea. Just last week I bought this pink gingham dress, which I thought looked so adorable and absolutely perfect for the random heat wave we were in; cute, casual and breathable. But as I got home and put it on for the first time (oh flee market shopping…) I was really disappointed to find out it was several sizes bigger than I’d imagined. When I started to take it in I accidentally cut off too much fabric so it was too tight and the skirt part looked all wonky. I tried to make it work regardless but suddenly in utter frustration I just cut off the skirt part and ended up with this top! I didn’t like it that much at first but after wearing it for two days I grew to love it. There’s a very obvious eighties thing going on here, and probably it’s just me but I also see a kind of forties vibe in this due to the pinching waste and big sleeves? I crocheted the strawberries on it myself, too! These were the first I ever made and are kind of terrible but after just a little practice I’ve grown quite good at crocheting. I learned it via youtube (search ‘amigurumi cherries’).

The green skirt is something I thought I would wear but never really did. I made the bows too but never really put them to use till now.

My shoes are a really bad purchase and I knew it; years ago I’d bought the same kind but in white with pastel-coloured dots and they ended up the same. I hope I can find a shoe maker that is willing to fix plastic shoes ;_;.

Aaaand this skirt is a skirt I’d forgotten about completely (damn my colour coordinated wardrobe and my refusal to look into the black part!) and also never wore a lot because it was too big: I just pinched it in on the waist (my #1 alteration) and I think it looks pretty perfect! Those shoes are work shoes and I never really thought to wear them until I wanted those heart penny loafers I’ve been seeing all over online but! October is no-purchase-month so yeah.

Also, I have been getting a lot of really nice feedback from several people all over about my blog and I guess me, and I just want to say I really really appreciate it. I always think this blog is pretty silly and not very worthwhile because I am such a typical blogger; middle-class, white, relatively attractive and slim girl but it’s really nice to hear that some people do care or even get inspired (amaaaaazing) so uhm thanks? I’m sorry, I am very bad at expressing gratitude and, you know, emotions in general. But basically I am Maru and you guys are the brush:

And I’m just as spoiled.