shoes: Dr. Martens, earrings: Zsa Zsa Rouge, everything else is second hand

Still very much not regretting my 3DS purchase!! Though impulsive and stupid it suddenly, in one go, released all my pent-up (and still ongoing) frustration about paperwork and money. It’s not like I took up a loan for a house that I could never afford and as such buy into short-term capitalism and was cause of an economic collapse, like my anxiety insists on guilt-tripping me for. I am simply irresponsible and unwilling to be an adult, and that’s okay sometimes. I am not gonna regret that frapuccino because I damn well worked for it, and I am definitely not regretting this dress, perfect for all occasions! And one day I’ll save up, but that’s just not yet possible right now and that’s fine too. So damn it all, I am almost a quarter of a century old and despite all the babyboomers’ comments I simply don’t have the means yet to do what our parents were able to do at this young age and that is OKAY ヾノ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ OKAY? OKAY.