I’ve been trying to sell a few clothing items since forever and I cannot get rid of them but would love them to go to a loving home! If you are interested in any of these but find the price is too steep please haggle with me. I mean it’ll be hardly haggling to be quite honest because I just want to get rid of these since I need the space. I love them but never wear them, you know? Since moving to a smaller space I’ve had to seriously think about my wardrobe (I think I got rid of about 1/4th!!) but these are some I couldn’t part with unless I knew someone would receive some joy from them! I actually have more stuff to go up but I feel so discouraged that I’ve put so much time and effort in measuring, weighing, taking good pictures, etc. and I hardly get anything in return. So that said, if you buy something and mention a style/colour/cut preference I might be able to throw in a little extra for you!

So without further ado! These are the pieces that are still available! Please note that not all of these are small sizes! Check out the info and details on my store!