So! December happened in which a general holiday lethargy ensued and I just largely forgot about the internet (aside from tumblr of course). Waves of intense sluggishness are still swallowing me as is nicely apparent in this outfit in which I am totally, finally throwing overboard all the notions of “flattering silhouettes” my teenage self had, and patting myself on the back for it while warmly embracing a rare kind of laziness. I may or may not have been wearing slight variations of this outfit ever since I arrived in Switzerland, which was uhhh.. Sunday. Comfort + colour = totes awes.

Mmm warm fluffy sweater, drowning me in its soft, pink wool. And yes, I unashamedly bought this sweater because it looks like the one in Prada’s pre fall collection of 2010. Finally found in Belgium’s countless cheap second hand clothes stores, YAY!

As the holidays and new years happened and all those uncomfortable moments in which you are forcibly happy, or at the very least pretending to be so, I think we all deserve a pat on the back for making it through and seeing the awkwardly numbered year of 2011. So what better to congratulate ourselves but Italian glam rock?

I wanna see Ciao nì! so bad ;_;