Shoes: Camper, shirt: Who’s That Girl?, skirt: hand-made (can you tell lol)

It’s an outfit yay! I took advantage of some local sale yesterday and came out with this cute shirt (also a ton of socks because who buys socks at full price anyways).It’s buy Belgian brand Who’s That Girl? They always have super cute retro-inspired stuff but sadly I think their preferred fabric of choice falls short for the tent dresses and A-line skirts that dominate their line. A soft, stretchy cotton elastane blend feel lovely but is too soft to create an accurate A-line silhouette, is far more suited for well-fitted clothing or something softer and flowing. It frustrates me every time I see their designs because of course they always catch my eye but then I see the fabric is just wrong for the model, it makes me sad. But It’s perfect for this shirt though! Super comfy and soft, I love it. Anyways here’s a detail from the shirt in an awkward pic.


Just realised there’s a lil optical illusion on my breasts. That’s nice! Good job. Anyways here’s me with my cat.

Photo on 05-09-16 at 13.26 #6

P.S. I cut my own hair using four or so mirrors. It came out so good, didn’t it? Chique yet easy to maintain but still nice and cute.