Dress: second hand; socks: Calvin Klein men’s socks; sneakers: H&M, belt: idk.

I don’t know what’s up with my face/pose but I kinda like it. When I first saw this dress it was instant true love but I couldn’t afford it, and frankly I found the price too high so with tears in my eyes and a broken heart I left it in the store. Now, three months later, I was randomly browsing the same store and there it was! Instantly I knew IT WAS MEANT TO BE. Obviously, we belong together and now all is beautiful in the world.

Also, as I obviously don’t have much to say, I figure now’s the best time to mention an interview with me on Smashion, a fabulous site dedicated to recycling and promoting second hand clothing. Which reminds me that aaaaages ago I was actually in issue #11 of the never-ending amazing Worn Fashion Journal. At the time I was gazing at the beautiful Swiss mountains and trying to comprehend just a single word of that crazy dialect, so I must’ve completely forgotten about it, gah! But I figure I’d mention it anyway as Worn is THE BEST and you should pretty much get all of their available issues and gush over how beautifully intelligent and perfect and astoningly gorgeous and all of those superlatives that so aptly describe Worn’s gloriousness is.