dress: Turnover, shirt & pearls: second hand, the rest: forgotten
No shoes for me today because it’s study time (always & always), yay! I love this dress, it’s the warmest I own, and I need some warmth today. A few years back, thanks to my studio’s heater not working in the middle of one of the harshest winter’s in Belgium I convinced my parents to let me buy this dress as it was too expensive for me. Here you can see me lusting for the dress and trying to emulate its look; I love how I can go back into my archives, it’s so cute, also I forget everything ever so it’s a cool tool to try bring back moments of the past too! Only five days later I got the dress itself was really excited about it. I’m so cute, wow.


I love this dress so much, still! But the simplicity of the silhouette always refrains me from playing with it so when I was not even half-awake trying to pick out a comfy and warm outfit I happened to see a collared shirt and thought the layering could be cool for a change. The shirt in question was blue but I opted for red later on, though maybe I should be more playful next time. The green of my hair goes nice with these colours to so I decided to add this green necklace which somehow reminds me of Marge Simpson; I want those big-beaded necklaces in all colours. When putting up my hair, I figured; this needs a bow, because yes, also it contrasts lovely with the green. Orange belt, orange socks; orange is great. I came across this kissing bird thing, that I wore in one of my first combinations, I suddenly realised: it is faith, allow me to adorn me with your beauty. Also: non-surprising make up; I just love these colours on me.