Shoes: some place in Switzerland, tights: IDK, bottom skirt: hand-made, everything else second hand.

This August I finally quit shampoo and opted for that infamous baking soda and applce cider vinegar method due to being obnoxiously green, obviously. Since then I’ve pretty much slapped anything and nothing on my hair and I love it especially because I get to say the most ludicrious things like ‘I think I’ll wash my hair with bread next’ and for the fabulous hippie-esque things I get to do like wash my hair with flowers, see them floating beautifully in a cup and dripping off your body (spoiler: it totally blocks your pipes). Over the course of these past months I noticed individual strands of hair curling so I decided to treat my hair vaguely like it’s curly and because of it my hair is getting pretty fluffy and textured. I like it. I currently wash my hair with an egg, lemon and honey after I oil it with coconut oil infused with hibiscus. That sounds so complicated (also maybe a little gross); I guess I am obsessed with hair now.

For the sake of this being a supposed outfit blog this is currently my go-to lounging around the house or working for school outfit lately. Layers and softness yayyyy. I really wanted to half-ass the bottom skirt because the unravled ends looked pretty but I had to be courageous and finish the seams if I didn’t want to end up in a fringe skirt. It was a sad moment.