socks: Fräulein Prusselise, shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, everything else is second hand

Yesterday I was menstruating and feeling bad and grumpy and when I passed by a school cafeteria with large windows I saw young girl’s faces turn round one by one to where I was walking and I laughed but when that kept happening throughout the day I got grumpier and anxious and wanted to hide out and never go outside again. Usually I’m too oblivious to notice; I am blessed. Still, I am not outside of this world and I hate this belgian staring game because belgians are too afraid of confrontation (we would excuse ourselves for breathing) so in our catholic anxiety we stare everyone down in the hope of making others feel smaller than you yourself and mostly I laugh in their faces as if I was given a compliment but this drags me down just as much as cat-calling does. It makes me so madsad and sadmad because why would we even go outside anymore, why would you?