I’ve mostly been reading, not dressing up. Shocking, I know! But I recently felt the urge to visit my favourite second hand store and, lucky me, everything was sold for one euro! I got this perfect skirt, which you know I’m going to wear A LOT. I love polka dotted everything, reminds me of Yayoi Kusama of course, and I don’t know I think it’s just my favourite pattern; connotations: a little child-like, feminine, cheerful, bold. Lovely! And black, red and white… I don’t know it’s almost all I wear these days.


jacket: gift, skirt & shirt: second hand, shoes: Minju Kim

My figure is almost drowning into my own closet… But please note the most perfect pins of some of my favourite artists: cat-ghost by The Disaster Life & scowling mouth by Wishcandy (I literally want ALL of their pins and work ahh!!).


Very MySpace angle like…

catcghost scowling