Phew, second week into my new semester and I have been freaking out a lot; I am taking up one more class than last semester and two classes are almost twice as long in duration than expected, I am wondering how to fit my job into this and most importantly how to fit my study schedule in this. I am scared, my wallet is drained but at least I look cute.

Hello from my new study room!!



jacket, shirt, skirt: second hand, tights: veritas, socks: hema, earrings: hand-made

No shoes, because it’s been too messy and rainy and muddy outside to bring them in.


My pant-irresponsibility and my school books have emptied my wallet. I am wondering how to fill it up again as to lessen my anxiety. Any willing etsy/independent babes to sponser me (each other?), anyone willing to pay me for doing something for them? Anyone have any ideas? I would do so much for all of you babes (for so little). ::yellowthing:: ::good:: ::running:: ::kiss::