Just casual and comfy. I have been obsessed with knit sweaters and cardigans, especially when combined with thin slik-like material. This is pretty much the closest I could get with my closet. But I also love the resurgence of my old colour-blocking tendency here. Sweater by & Other Stories from last year, Issey Miyake dress and Orla Kiely shoes from ebay.

it’s called fashion?

Feeling stressed? Overworked even though it seem to do, or to achieve nothing? Unmotivated and empty inside? Aimless? It’s stress! (Probably) Lavendar or yoga might help but in most cases therapy will be your best bet. And good news: you will still feel stress. One way to alleviate (or suppress – it depends) is a good mindless distraction. One that keeps you interested and occupied so your mind will stop racing, but something without too […]

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata, Ginny Tapley Takemori (Translator)

Murata’s novel is a short story that follows protagonist, Keiko, leading the life of a social outlier in Japan. Written in an admiringly clear and succint language this may come off as banal, yet this book is compelling from start to finish. At first glance the story is funny, the writing flows superbly but more than that it offers interesting questions of identity, social attitudes and values. And it does so without any clear moral […]


From a while back. I got these Ann Demeulemeester boots second hand while just casually browsing for second hand knee high boots because I have wanted some good ones for ages and then all of a sudden straight out of my dreams these pop up! I got them in the mail and I haven’t gone outside without them since. Cute comfy cool, a perfect excuse to forgo tights in this mild winter. The sweater is […]

Walk up in my high heels all high and mighty

I love Mitski’s new album. I hear country, shoegaze, synth, indie pop,… From one moment to another often just in one short burst of a song. But mostly every listen I hear something new a mix if it all and all I don’t know. She’s coming to Belgium soon, I should probably go. Anyways, I think I got this dress last year and practically wore it all summer. It looks even neater with my blue hair. […]

Five Useful Tips From Experts In Content Generator.

Often in writing my thesis I get stuck whenever I transition from idea to idea or when I’m in doubt (should I include this person’s perspective/that fact/that sarcastic line?). I know I should ask: how does this help my argument. But I panic because I’m the panic-sort. And lately, it has spent me to a spiral of looking for apps helping me write a thesis. (I was desperate and curious.) Now, this is a surprisingly […]

oh hello

Apparently this is my first legit outfit pic of 2018 and my face looks kinda dumb but whatevs; it is what it is. Anyways, one of my hobbies/coping mechanisms when I get anxious is to window shop (on eBay) for a couple of my fave designers. Mainly I go looking for: Issey Miyake, Walter Van Beirendonck, specific designers of Comme des Garçons such as Junya Watanabe, Ann Demeulemeester (I’ll never get my hands on those […]

cursed discourse

For the last month I’ve been immersed in trying to write a thesis for my bachelor degree. Emphasis on write. The concept of it all grew into an idea sometime around two years ago back when I wrote Ghost Ghosting Ghosts for Doll Hospital. Gathering materials, reading and reading but mostly obsessively researching off-topic notions has basically been going on since. A certain lack of a consistent stable mental health is, surprisingly, not that helpful. First I […]